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Clint Greenleaf delivers entertaining keynotes that motivate his audience to become self-starting, disciplined innovators.

All businesses want to stay relevant and push forward to improve morale, business relationships, and the bottom line. Clint Greenleaf is the spark that will ignite your organization to shift from ordinary to world class.

Clint's high energy, entertaining, and thought-provoking style motivates his audience to take action. You will walk away feeling energized and empowered. 

Open Office Space

The Long Game

  • Investing in Employees

  • Tapping into your Vendors' Pool of Wisdom

  • Creating Investor Relationships for the Long Haul

Market Analysis

Financial Literacy 


  • The Importance of Personal Financial Literacy for all Employees

  • The Importance of Company Financial Literacy for all Employees

  • Open-Book Management

  • Mastering the Basics to Create a Competitive Advantage


Content Capital

  • Building and managing your content as an asset

  • Tactics for developing content and sharing it effectively

  • Turning your ideas into books, speeches, marketing materials and video formats

  • Best way to publish your content based on your goals

Your seminar will be customized and personalized for your company, your people, and your specific training objectives. A pre-seminar call will further outline the scope of your session. Below are some of Clint’s most-requested presentations.


 To learn about Clint's presentations about teaching children about money, check out for more information. 

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