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The Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

A Guide to Etiquette and Attire for Businessmen


If you're going into a new job--or entering the workforce for the first time--knowing the ground rules for properly navigating business life is essential to success. But to the uninitiated, the office can be a treacherous place--full of unspoken codes, silent expectations, and complicated hierarchies. The Unwritten Rules of the Workplace concisely explains business etiquette in down-to-earth language and shows businessmen how professional conduct and appearance can give them a significant competitive advantage.


Author Clint Greenleaf shares the fundamental skills necessary to impress colleagues and bosses, and emphasizes the importance of integrity and gentlemanliness in the workplace. He shares practical tips on professional dress--from what ''business casual'' really means to tips on tying ties and polishing shoes. He also lays out the rules for communicating and interacting in the office--including advice on dating a coworker, handling office politics, and creating professional emails, business letters, and thank-you notes. A chapter on gaining employment walks you through creating a superior resume and acing even the toughest interviews.


With the knowledge contained in The Unwritten Rules of the Workplace, any businessman can build his etiquette skills, develop an unbeatable professional demeanor, and feel confident walking into business situations of all kinds.

''Favorable first impressions are no longer an option. The way you look and act will determine the outcome of the meeting, the success of your relationship, and your own personal success. You must look sharp and act right to win big. Three words of advice: Buy this book! Four words of advice: Implement Clint's wisdom NOW!'' 


- Jeffrey Gitomer, author, The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

''I speak for all mothers of young men when I say, 'Tuck in your shirt, comb your hair, shave, and for heaven's sake, pull up your pants; no one wants to look at your underwear.' But if you won't listen to me, please listen to Clint. He's smart, funny, plus he dresses how your mother (and your future employers) wish you would. I will stand over my son with a stick while he reads this book!''


- Donna Fenn, business journalist and author of Upstarts! and Alpha Dogs


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