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There are many paths to success.  Clint understands this and works with his clients on an individualized basis to help identify each client’s most direct path.  He spends time at the outset finding out their real goals – not what they think their goals are, but their real end game.  He asks the question: What does success look like to you?  It’s only then that he can help them define the right path to succeed based on the tools at their disposal, their comfort with risk, the limitations they may have, and the team they’re working with.


You have to be smart to ask for help.  Clint’s passion is working with those smart people and improving their already great processes and practices.  He does this by drawing from his rich background of experience and imparting lessons he’s learned onto other companies and individuals.  With an extensive personal and professional network, Clint also opens doors to his clients that often seem unattainable. 

Clint consults with companies on a broad range of topics and will work with you to define the scope of your needs.  Some of the areas in which he consults on regularly include:


  • Employee Management – Hiring and Firing and everything in between

  • Exit Strategies

  • Improving Cash Flow

  • Essential Relationships

  • Disciplined Entrepreneurialism

  • Innovation

  • Financial Literacy Leadership

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