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The art of firing is much like the art of throwing a hand grenade -- it's rarely done right, and even when it is, the results include some chaos. When it's done wrong, a lot of good people can pay the price. (All this said, sometimes, only a grenade will do.)


There hav...

Just in case you haven't heard, most lawyers are a pain in the ass and all lawsuits suck. If this is news to you, get down on your knees and thank God that you haven't yet learned this lesson.


One of the toughest truths in business is that you'll be involved in litigat...

I've spent almost my entire business life paranoid. It's not the most relaxing way to live -- I envy friends who walk around with a Zen-like smile and a picture-perfect Type-B personality. I'm just not that guy.


My last year in college, I read Only the Paranoid Survive...

Tony Alessandra, the author of The Platinum Rule, is a hall of fame professional speaker, a bestselling author, and is close friends with many of my friends. The first time we ever met was over the phone, when he called to let me know that I had quoted his book without...

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